Is the CAM industry awakening?

Well, well, well…

Long time since my last post uh… like you, I was starting to question if CAMZone was ever going to get a new post… This one came to my mind when I was at the bed already… then the light came and I said: Let´s do it before it´s gone…

It´s true that the inspiration for today´s post came from some events in the last two days, more precisely the new cool features Siemens PLM put on NX 8.5 – Let´s talk about them among other things… today´s post is more about the industry, with a few technical points… it´s about my perceptions about where the CAM tools are heading to…

Like I said earlier, from time to time the CAM user base demands a new milestone in CAM – It´s like those guys in the 80´s that used to say that verification was a luxury, just wireframe toolpath simulation was fine, and then some guys set a new milestone and the rest is history. Then in the middle of the 90´s machine simulation was eye candy stuff, and by the beginning of the 00´s new rules were stablished, and today, a vendor without machine simulation does not get a chair around the table anymore.

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Post-processors – What you should know about them


When I started this blog I knew it would be hard to update it in an often basis… but I didn’t know it would be so hard! I sincerely apologize for the HUGE interval between my posts, hopefully I have a plenty of work to do and the rest of my time I’m spending with my family, or sleeping… 😛

I was enjoying some deserved vacations when I started , so during the first weeks I was posting more often… anyway, as I said in my first post, the idea about this place is to exercise my idiom skills, learn new things and offer a bit of what I’ve learned from others in the past 13 years in the machining world… if I don’t have anything new or worth to post, I simply keep thinking about something until I can come up with a subject and a content reasonably interesting…

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Component Technology – There’s no fun without it


Long time since my last post huh? Well, I was (And still am) on a vacation, and the deal here was to spent time with the family… something I admit I could have done better in the last 10 years… so the golden rule was: kids first…

Today’s post is about 3rd party technology (A.K.A Component Technology or software libraries) – A vital element in CAD/CAM since its early days. I think this post is going to be very long (I don’t like Part I and Part II posts), and yet, we will cover just a small portion of what is really happening in the industry and where the components are. I’ll do my best to talk about the major players and component technology suppliers, who is using it and where, but I have to say up front that it’s nearly impossible to cover it all. This is because component technology is so deeply rooted in CAx that sometimes is nearly impossible to distinguish when you are using a component that was designed by your CAD/CAM vendor and when it was developed by a 3rd party supplier.

Let’s start from the beginning… sit tight… this is going to be a very long post…

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Adaptive Toolpaths – Roughing is no longer boring

Hi folks!

It was a busy week. Since I was about to get some days off due to a deserved vacation, I tried to get rid of the piled work and leave my colleagues in a comfortable situation as much as I could. Although it was a lengthy week, I admit it was hard to decide what would be the next subject I was going to write about at I picked a technical one today (again), but for sure we’ll talk a bit about the industry, some names behind High-Speed Machining and the new super cool high-speed / high performance toolpaths developed in the recent years… my original plan was to write twice a week here… but time will say how this is going to be… Anyway, my primary goal is to write high level articles about manufacturing technology, and unfortunately, this take quite some time…

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B Axis Turning – A recent and welcomed possibility


I’ve thought a lot about what would be the subject of my next post…I was in between a technical subject or one about the industry. I decided today to pick the first kind.

I really want to see as an attractive source of ideas and knowledge about CAM… in fact, although what I write here may potentially reach thousands of people (We got 2200 views in the last four days 😯 – Thanks!), I essentially think in the posts pleasing myself – Don’t take me wrong – I’m very exigent with myself.

In the recent years, I was blessed with many opportunities to work with the latest technologies in machine tools and systems, and as I started to deal with more complex scenarios, I started to notice that certain things in the CAD/CAM world are confined and treated as “secrets”, and as such, they are not being shared. A pity.

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Why PLM is killing the innovation in CAD/CAM


This is our third post. I’d like to say thank you for the thousand visits I got in the last two days. I never thought we could get that much in such short period. Thanks!

Sit tight: Our today’s post is about the close relationship between CAD, CAM and PLM and how this sometimes may not be good for CAD/CAM users.

Since the CAMZone conception came to my mind a few weeks ago, I think that this was the first thing that crossed my mind as a subject to be discussed. In the last 15 years, PLM turned to be the best friend and the Mr. Nice Guy from the CAx industry. And for this very reason, I think my post is going to create a great deal of controversy specially among some people living from PLM. Ok, let’s start! 😀

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